Creative + Slim Chickens

Slim Chickens is a growing fast-casual chain based in Fayetteville, Arkansas that brings Southern hospitality and fresh ingredients to all their meals. Their mission is “Life Changing Chicken,” which is “as much about serving our community as it is about serving great food.”

Each year, Slims honors its outstanding franchisee stores and operators at an annual conference. The Slims team came to Creative with a request for interesting, useful, gender-neutral items to give out to attendees as appreciation gifts, as well as awards. Creative showed some ideas based on the Slims branding and culture as well as the conference’s activities. The selected gifts evoke the music culture of Slims with a high-quality Bluetooth speaker, and make sense for the conference audience, including golf balls to use at the conference tournament and a water bottle to use throughout the conference. The Slims team loved the result!

We were really happy with the project as well, and we are proud to work with a growing company representing and spreading Fayetteville culture, and we love the “life changing chicken” concept and support the Slims approach: a business driven by philanthropy, culture, and delicious food.