Creative + Slim Chickens

Slim Chickens is a growing fast-casual chain based in Fayetteville, Arkansas that brings Southern hospitality and fresh ingredients to all their meals. Their mission is “Life Changing Chicken,” which is “as much about serving our community as it is about serving great food.”

Each year, Slims honors its outstanding franchisee stores and operators at an annual conference. The Slims team came to Creative with a request for custom, brand-centric awards for the conference, as well as franchisee gifts.

We worked together to create a few different types of awards, all based on the Slims brand story. The guitar award was a particularly special piece, as it relates to a brand symbol: a custom guitar mural appears at every Slims location to unify the stores but show off each place’s unique character. The guitar symbol embodies the “cool” of Slims, and of the Southern music culture which inspires and informs the brand. The other awards were designed based on the same theme: a guitar pick shape, and a gold record.

We’re glad we could contribute to the success of the Franchisee Conference, and to making the award recipients’ experience that much more impactful! The Slims brand is one that we always have fun working with, and take great pride in supporting.