Creative + Elevate Performance Awards

Elevate Performance LLC offers peer advisory groups to help leaders continuously improve their performance. Their events allow young, emergent leaders to mingle with experienced industry professionals. Elevate values recognizing people who are special to their company or community and who have been extraordinary leaders. Their Emerging Leaders program specifically helps new leaders better understand their role and learn essential leadership skills. During the 10 month program participants learn how to direct a team thoughtfully and consistently.

Elevate wanted to honor the graduates of the Emerging Leaders program, and to recognize Super Mentors, who go above and beyond to help their peers and community. Super Mentors have a true passion for helping others; they are approachable, collaborative, and make their communities better places to live and work. It’s important to Elevate to show appreciation and recognize their Super Mentors and Emerging Leaders. The awards show the recipients their hard work does not go unnoticed.

We teamed up with Elevate to find an award that would be simple but unique. The cube-shaped glass award was the perfect option. It fits nicely on recipients’ desks and reflects light beautifully. Elevate presented the awards at their Giving Thanks event in September. The annual event is all about gathering socially and saying “Thank You” to the people who are special to Elevate and to the community.  
We loved this project because we got to be a part of recognizing established, influential business leaders, as well as new leaders, in our community. We were excited to be involved in supporting the graduates of the Emerging Leader program because we look forward to seeing how they improve our community, and we appreciate the work the Super Mentors do to help those around them.